True adherents of a paleolithic diet probably don't eat effectively structured meals like this. These foraging diets are diverse and probably represent the widely differing diets of our own prehistoric ancestors, simply because what people ate depended on where they resided: largely plant-based (in the tropics), mainly animal-based (in the Arctic),… Read More

Although there are several editions, the Paleolithic diet always comes down to 1 idea - slimming down and bettering health by eating just how our caveman ancestors does. Yes, there are some great options! I like to get the almond butter created from almonds which may have been blanched and then roasted. It really is creamier than normal almond butt… Read More

We commence our tale in the Paleolithic time, long before the invention of agriculture or writing. Coconut oil offers to be anti-viral agent information on trials that contain validated that coconut oil has an anti-viral effect that reduces the viral level in HIV-AIDS patients to undetectable levels. There are many types of the Paleo diet plus some… Read More

The Paleo (Paleolithic) diet is one of the most popular diet's in America today. A Listserv mailing list on Evolutionary Fitness was started in 2000. It really is now not active, though the searchable archives are of help. You point out certain autoimmune disorders, but i had been wanting to know if this diet program is good for all autoimmune diso… Read More